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At Hobart Computer Doctors, we are very proud and honoured to have been recognised by several external organisations as having the best possible customer service in our field. We have a true passion for I.T and enjoy helping every single one of our valued customers. We believe these awards show our dedication to computer repairs, as we have been recognised for our efforts year after year. Our technicians are constantly staying up to date with the latest tools and techniques to ensure you are always provided with the most up to date solutions, regardless of your computer problems.

If you have never used our service before, we invite you to give us a call and have a chat to our I.T trained customer service staff. We are available 7 days a week and are able to go through our entire list of services and see if we can assist you with your computer repair needs.

  • <span>2014</span> Australian Achiever Awards
    2014 Australian Achiever Awards
  • <span>2013</span>Australian Business Quality Awards
    2013Australian Business Quality Awards
  • <span>2012</span> Australian Business Quality Awards
    2012 Australian Business Quality Awards
  • <span>2012</span> Australian Customer Service Awards
    2012 Australian Customer Service Awards
  • <span>2012</span> Australian Achiever Awards
    2012 Australian Achiever Awards
  • <span>2011</span> Australian Achiever Awards
    2011 Australian Achiever Awards
  • <span>2010</span> Australian Achiever Awards
    2010 Australian Achiever Awards
  • <span>2009</span> Australian Achiever Awards
    2009 Australian Achiever Awards
  • <span>2009</span> Australian Customer Service Awards
    2009 Australian Customer Service Awards

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