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21 Apr 2015

Advantages Of Mobile Computer Repairs

At Hobart Computer Doctors, we offer mobile computer repairs throughout the local area. Some people often ask us why we choose to only do onsite repairs, so we thought we would go over just a few of the reasons as to why we think it allows us to provide a better service. Here were just a few of the reasons we came up with:

Fastest Possible Service

Being a mobile computer repair place, we do not have a huge backlog of jobs sitting around in an office for us. We come out to your home or office and in most cases can fix your computer on the spot. As we aim to provide same day service, you can often be back up and running again within hours of your initial call to us.

You Can Learn Things Directly From Your Tech

At HCD, all of our technicians are incredibly friendly and enjoy having a bit of a chat. You have the opportunity to ask us anything while we are helping with your computer. You can ask us for tips and tricks on using your favourite programs, how to use a feature on your PC, advice on which new computer to buy and much more.

Personalised Support

When you engage an onsite computer repair company, they offer a much more personalised and customised level of support. Your technician will sit down with you and help you get everything fixed up and configured to your exact requirements. Best of all you can check over everything and make sure you are 100% happy with the work completed before we leave.

You Can Fix More Problems

There are some issues that simply need to be fixed onsite. These include issues such as wireless network issues and internet connection faults. You can’t pack up your network and take it into a store, so a mobile repair is the obvious choice for these sorts of issues.

You Can Watch Everything We Do

In most cases, we are able to fix everything on the spot. If you have a list of problems, we can go through everything one by one until all of your issues have been resolved. You can even take the time to test everything to make sure it has been resolved before we leave.

If you need help with your computer, you can either book online or give us a ring on 03 6237 0151. Our award winning phone staff are standing by to assist with any enquiries you may have.

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